In this program, students will learn about natural resources, from how they are harvested from the earth to how they are made into everyday objects. They will also learn which items can be recycled and how to reduce waste at home and school. This program is a prerequisite for the Recycling Field Trip. Grades K-12, 45 minutes.

Download the Next Generation Science Standards for this program (PDF).

California Science Standards


Physical Sciences
a) objects’ properties
Earth Sciences
c) ID natural resources
a) observe objects

1st Grade

Physical Sciences
a) materials have different properties
b) properties of materials can change

2nd Grade

Earth Sciences
e) Earth’s resources provide materials humans use
c) compare/sort objects

3rd Grade

Physical Sciences
b) stored energy
g) combining substances
Life Sciences
c) environmental changes
c) numerical data

4th Grade

Life Sciences
2c) decomposers recycle matter
b) measure/estimate objects
c) predictions

5th Grade

a) classify objects

6th Grade

a) energy sources
b) (non)renewable resources
c) natural origin of materials