This hands-on program introduces students to the concepts and practices of composting food waste. Our staff will build a worm bin for your class to use (on loan). Students may add lunch scraps to the bin for a real, interactive learning experience. Grades K-12, 45 minutes.

Download the Next Generation Science Standards for this program (PDF).

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California Science Standards


Life Sciences
a) observe & describe
c) identify major structures of plants & animals

1st Grade

Life Sciences
a) plants & animals inhabit different environments
b) animals need water/food
c) animals eat
d) animals’ teeth

2nd Grade

Life Sciences
a) organisms reproduce
b) difference of life cycles
c) characteristics of organisms
d) variation among individuals
b) measurements
e) bar graphs
f) observations

3rd Grade

Life Sciences
a) animals have structures
c) environmental changes
c) numerical data

4th Grade

Life Sciences
2b) food chains & webs
c) decomposers recycle
3c) animals depend on plants
d) conduct multiple trials

5th Grade

Life Sciences
a) organisms are specialized
b) blood circulation
c) steps of digestion

6th Grade

b) matter is transferred by organisms
e) organisms are dependent