This interactive slide program provides the next step in applying what students have learned from the Introduction to Recycling program. Students and teachers will be empowered to implement their understanding of waste reduction, composting and recycling. You’ll have the option to turn your classroom into a zero waste zone for one week, one month or the entire school year. Grades 4-8, 45 minutes. Prerequisite: Introduction to Recycling.

Download the Next Generation Science Standards for this program (PDF).

California Science Standards

3rd Grade

Life Sciences
c) environmental changes
b) evidence vs opinion
c) numerical data
d) predict outcome
e) collect/analyze data

4th Grade

a) differentiate observation from inference
b) measure & estimate
c) predict
d) test prediction
e) measurement graphs
f) investigation instructions

5th Grade

b) testable question
c) plan investigation
d) ID variables
e) explain variable
f) quantitative observations
g) record data
h) draw conclusions
i) investigation report

6th Grade

a) utility of sources
b) classify resources
c) origin of materials
a) hypothesis
b) collect data
c) construct graphs
d) investigation reports
e) consistent evidence