AB 1826 requires businesses to recycle their organic waste. This includes both public and private businesses as well as multifamily complexes or apartment buildings of five units or more. The date at which a business is required to begin recycling their organics depends on how much waste the business generates each week.

The Key Deadline for Organics Recycling is:

January 1, 2020: BUSINESS or MULTI-FAMILY complexes (5 or more units) that generate more than 2 cubic yards of trash per week must have organic waste service.
For more information visit the CalRecyle Organics Recycling Page.

What Does This Mean for Your BUSINESS or MULTI-FAMILY ?

You will work with the SLO County IWMA to set up an Organics Recycling Program in FOUR quick steps.

Organic waste includes the following materials:

  • food waste
  • green waste and landscaping waste (leaves, grass, trimmings, branches and stumps)
  • nonhazardous wood waste


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Looking for more information about foodwaste? Check out ReFED at https://www.refed.com/?sort=economic-value-per-ton

Restaurants!  Here is a guide for you: Check out https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2015-08/documents/reducing_wasted_food_pkg_tool.pdf

Straws – Taking a Stand Against Straws!  

  • Interested in reducing your purchasing costs, garbage costs, and help keep our community clean at the same time?
  • Join the growing number of local restaurants and bars that have decided to stand up to straws. 
  • Its simple either get rid of straws all together or provide them only when customers request them.