Hidden Hazards replaces our former Household Hazardous Waste program. This newly updated presentation facilitates students as they work in table groups to identify items in a typical household that are too dangerous to put in the trash. Hidden Hazards includes hands-on activities using colorful magnetic boards, encouraging students to identify, investigate, and classify items that are considered household hazardous waste.  Grades 3-8, 50 minutes.


For the Hidden Hazards Vocabulary List, Click Here (PDF)

Videos for Grades K-6

Battery Recycling. A 26 minute informative video about battery recycling. A great follow-up to Introduction to Recycling or Hidden Hazards.



E-Waste. A 4.5 minute informative video about E-Waste. A great follow-up to Introduction to Recycling or Hidden Hazards.



Household Hazardous Waste & E Waste in the Environment.  A 17 minute informative video to discover sources and solutions to water pollution from household hazardous waste and electronic waste.  A great introduction or follow up to Hidden Hazards.




Download the Next Generation Science Standards for Hidden Hazards (PDF).