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Compost Rebate Program

San Luis Obispo County IWMA Compost Rebate Program

Senate Bill (SB) 1383 regulations require jurisdictions to annually procure organic waste products such as compost, mulch, renewable gas, or electricity from biomass according to targets that are calculated based on the population of the jurisdiction. To help meet the organic waste requirements of SB 1383 and stimulate market demand for recovered organic materials, the San Luis Obispo County IWMA has implemented a Compost Rebate Program.

How does the Compost Rebate Program work?

1. Complete the Compost Rebate Program Agreement and the Term Extension Form, then submit to [email protected].
2. Once the Agreement is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to submit the following:

  • Most recent W9
  • Proof of purchase (receipt or invoice showing name of facility, date, and
    tons/cubic yards purchased)
  • Payment Request Form

3. Submit required documents to [email protected] for rebate.


Only purchases made on the same day or after the agreement has been approved are eligible for the rebate. There will be no retroactive reimbursement.

  • Agreement shall expire at the end of the fiscal year and may be renewed on an annual basis.
  • Rebate is available for purchases totaling at least 20 tons and up to 3,000 tons purchased throughout the fiscal year. (If you purchase 20 cubic yards twice during the fiscal year, the two receipts can be submitted together to meet the minimum 20-ton threshold.)
  • Compost must be purchased from an approved facility.
  • Compost must be SB 1383 compliant.
  • Proof of purchase must show the name of the compost facility, the date of the transaction, and the weight and volume of the compost that was purchased.
  • A copy of most recent W-9 is required for rebate.
  • Rebate is to be claimed only for the price of the compost, not transportation or spreading.

If you have any questions, please contact the IWMA at (805) 782-8530 or [email protected].

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