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Multi-Family (Apts., Condos, Mobile Homes)

If you manage or live in a multi-family dwelling or apartment building in SLO County, it is quick and easy to set up a recycling program. 

Call 805-782-8530 for a FREE recycling assessment and we will guide you through three simple steps: 

1. Exterior bins for recycling, green waste, and food scraps

We will help you obtain an exterior bin for pickup by your waste service collection provider.    

May contain: kiosk, transportation, truck, vehicle, car, and person
May contain: child, female, girl, person, recycling symbol, and symbol

2. Interior bins for recycling and food scraps

Upon request and availability, the IWMA provides free interior recycling and compost containers to businesses and multi-family dwellings committed to recycling and composting.  

3. Notify tenants 

Here is a sample letter to tenants explaining the new program.

Sample Letter to Tenants

Why start a recycling program?

  • Collection is a mandate for multi-family residential dwellings of five units or more. Find out more about Mandatory Commercial Recycling (AB 341) in the sidebar.
  • Potential tenants will see recycling as an attractive amenity
  • Current tenants will see that you care about SLO County 

Educational Resources

Flyer - Food & Green Waste Program Multi-Family.pdfFlyer - Garbage 3 in 1 v1.pdfFlyer - Be Smart.pdfFlyer - Recycle Guide.pdfFlyer - Keep It Loose ENG.SPA.pdfFlyer - How to Handle Your Residential E-Waste.pdfFlyer - How to Handle Your Cardboard ENG.SPA.pdf
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