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Beyond Food Scraps Collection

Sorting your food scraps for pickup isn't the only way you can reduce your footprint. In addition you can start your own at-home worm bin or home compost. To reduce food waste and maximize your dollar, check out these tips: 

  • Store your produce strategically so it stays fresh longer.
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  • Get to know your fridge. Learn the correct areas to store food with the refrigerator storage infographic
  • Time what you eat after a shopping trip so you can use the most perishable items first.
  • Find out how much food you waste with this personal food waste quiz. Then follow the guides to take action.
  • Learn how to store and eat food at peak quality with the USDA’s iPhone app Food Keeper, or Android app FoodKeeper or follow the ultimate shelf life guide to figure out when your food will really go bad.
  • Plan your meals to maximize what you already have and minimize money wasted at the store. Follow these steps to successful meal planning.
  • Create a meal from the random items in your fridge with this tool that finds recipes based on what ingredients you have on hand.
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