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Recycling for Renters in Multi-Family Dwellings

Did you know if you are a renter living in a multi-family complex with five (5) or more units, the complex is required to provide recycling services and carts or bins through your local garbage company? AB 341 requires property owners to provide recycling services to help San Luis Obispo County to divert and recover as many materials as possible.

Image of three curbside garbage bins: a green one labeled green waste, a grey one labeled trash, and a blue one labeled recycle

For more information on AB 341 please see the California Resources, Recycling, and Recovery (CalRecycle) website.

If your complex is in need of recycling services please reach out to our Commercial Recycling Team. They will work with property management, garbage company, and renters to assist in implementing a successful recycling program. Please contact the IWMA at (805) 782-8530 to get started.

What Goes Where?

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You can help make your complex’s recycling program a success by properly sorting your recyclable materials from your trash. It’s easy to sort everything correctly, visit the Recycling Guide for San Luis Obispo County.

Need recycling stickers for the bins? Call us at (805) 782 - 8530

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