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Commercial Organics Recycling Law (AB 1826)

AB 1826 requires businesses to recycle their organic waste. This includes both public and private businesses. CalRecycle has made the determination that the AB 1826 threshold is lowered to regulated businesses that generate two or more cubic yards per week of solid waste, recyclables, and organics.

The Key Deadline for Organics Recycling is: December 31, 2020

Additionally, CalRecycle has extended the rural exemption allowed for in AB 1826 until December 31, 2026. 

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

You will work with the SLO County IWMA to set up an Organics Recycling Program in FOUR quick steps:

Organic waste includes the following materials:

  • food waste
  • green waste and landscaping waste (leaves, grass, trimmings, branches and stumps)
  • nonhazardous wood waste


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  • Looking for more information about food waste? Check out ReFED
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