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Electronic Waste (E-Waste) is a type of hazardous waste composed of electronic parts that release toxic chemicals into the environment when disposed of improperly.  E-Waste includes:

  • IT Assets: Monitors, Servers, Computers, Laptops, Routers, Hard Drives, Cables and Chargers
  • Office Equipment: Telecom Systems, Copiers, Printers, Fax Machines
  • Scientific and Medical Devices: Satellite and Imaging Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics Equipment: TVs, LCDs, DVDs, VCRs and Stereo Equipment
  • Cell Phones, Smart Phones and PDAs
  • Small Appliances: Microwaves, Smoke Detectors, Toasters, Vaccuum Cleaners 
    • We do not accept stoves, refrigerators, or freezers – please contact your local appliance retailer or landfill for assistance. 

Unsure if an item is E-Waste? Check out our Recycling Guide

As with most items, the best thing to do with your unwanted electronics is to find an option for re-use. If an item still has some life left in it, try passing it on to a friend/family member, or donating it to a local charity. You might even be suprised by the resale value of those electronics that are sitting in your junk drawer!

When these items reach the end of their lifespan, there are many options available to SLO County residents for proper disposal. 

For business e-waste disposal, please complete the form on our 'Hazardous, Universal, & Electronic Waste Disposal for Businesses' page. Businesses are required to schedule a drop-off appointment through the IWMA prior to disposal and will be turned away without an approved disposal form. 

Residential E-Waste Drop-Off Sites

Chicago Grade Landfill  
E-Waste Drop-off Hours:
Monday - Saturday 8am – 3pm 
2290 Homestead Road, Templeton, CA 
(805) 466 – 2985  
Map & Directions  

Cold Canyon Landfill 
E-Waste Drop-off Hours:
 Monday - Saturday 8am – 3pm 
2268 Carpenter Canyon Road, San Luis Obispo, CA   
(805) 549 – 8332  
Map & Directions  
*A safety vest is required for disposal and can be purchased at the gate. 

Heritage Ranch Community Services District  
E-Waste Drop-off Hours: 
Friday 12pm – 2pm 
4870 Heritage Road, Paso Robles, CA   
(805) 782 - 8530 
Map & Directions
*For residents of Heritage Ranch only

Morro Bay Household Hazardous Waste Facility  
E-Waste Drop-off Hours:
Saturday 11am – 3pm
160 Atascadero Road, Morro Bay, CA
(805) 782 - 8530
Map & Directions  

Nipomo Household Hazardous Waste Facility
E-Waste Drop-off Hours: Saturday 11am – 3pm
509 Southland Street, Nipomo, CA
(805) 782 – 8530
Map & Directions  

Paso Robles Landfill
E-Waste Drop-off Hours: Monday - Saturday 8am – 3pm
9000 CA Hwy. 46 East, Paso Robles, CA
(805) 238 – 2028
Map & Directions  


Retail Recycling

Some electronics retailers in SLO County will accept your E-Waste for recycling. Visit the retailer's website for the most up-to-date program information. 

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