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List Your Restaurant as an Ocean Friendly Restaurant

Can Doing the Right Thing for the Environment be Good for Business?
For the Surfrider Foundation, the answer is “Yes“!

The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean and quotes research numbers of 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean impacting the marine ecosystems and wildlife. Their solution is a simple one: we need to stop the problem at the source!

The Surfrider Foundation’s Ocean Friendly Restaurants program does just that – one restaurant, one customer at a time.

How Can a Restaurant Participate? 

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Mandatory Criteria (All 5 Required)

  • No expanded polystyrene use (aka Styrofoam).
  • Proper recycling practices are followed.
  • Only reusable foodware is used for onsite dining.*
  • No plastic bags offered with takeout or to-go orders and utensils are provided only upon request.
  • Paper straws are provided only upon request.**Foodware includes dinnerware, drinkware, silverware, and ramekins/containers.** Exceptions may be made for alternatives made from other naturally occurring materials and reusables. Straws should be provided to anyone who needs one, including people with disabilities. Read more here.Check out our Quick Guide for more tips to meet each of the criteria.Review our Ocean Friendly Foodware Guide to learn about greenwashing, product alternatives, and creative ways to implement more reusables.

Optional Criteria (Choose 2)

  • No beverages are sold in plastic bottles.
  • A discount is offered for customers with reusable cups, containers, bags, etc.
  • Vegetarian/vegan food options are offered on a regular basis.
  • All seafood is ‘Best Choice’ or ‘Good Alternative’ as defined by Seafood Watch, or certified as sustainable.
  • Water conservation and pollution mitigation efforts are implemented.
  • Energy efficiency efforts are in place.

             *Restaurants who meet all of the criteria are recognized as a Platinum Level Ocean Friendly Restaurant.

Restaurant Benefits

  • Ocean Friendly Restaurants marketing collateral including window stickers, brochures, table-tops, and bill inserts to show your membership to your customers.
  • Use of Ocean Friendly Restaurants logos for restaurant menu, website, and other restaurant marketing materials.
  • Restaurant listed on Surfrider national and chapter websites.
  • Restaurant included in Ocean Friendly Restaurants national map on Surfrider national and chapter websites.
  • Launch parties and collaborative promotions with your nearest Surfrider chapter.
  • Access to national vendor discounts on sustainable restaurant and to-go products.
  •  Tax-deductible contribution.
  • Association with a nationally recognized nonprofit with thousands of members and supporters working hard to keep our ocean healthy and protected!
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