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Fairgrove Elementary

May contain: animal, beak, and bird

Fairgrove Elementary has been composting since the spring of 2016 and intermittently in previous years. The 3rd-5th grade students help teacher Diane Dolden with the process of digging the hole in the worm bin and burying the food waste. They are currently using half of a raised bed with the goal of getting the whole bed set up for vermicomposting. Diane notes that decomposition happens with or without worms; all you need is a few buckets, shovels and an area for the composting to happen. Fairgrove lunch staff collect salad bar leftovers in a bucket, and students and staff dispose of personal food waste in 5 gallon buckets conveniently placed by garbage and recycling bins. Oftentimes they will ask students to stand at the food waste buckets to remind the others what to compost. Diane notes that some staff worried about the worm bin attracting flies, but it has not been a problem since they make sure food waste is completely buried.

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