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Introduction to Recycling

In this program, students will learn about natural resources, what can be recycled, and how to reduce waste at home and school.  Interactive and fun, it’s a great program for any grade level.   

  • Grades K-12
  • 45-55 Minute Classroom or Virtual Presentation
  • FREE

*This program is a prerequisite for the Recycling Field Trip.

Program Resources

Introduction to Recycling Vocabulary ListSort the Trash Cut Our WorksheetPrintable Recycle PosterNext Generation Science Standards for Introduction to RecyclingHow to Conduct a Classroom /Lunchroom Waste Audit

Activity Ideas

  • Design and print your own recycling signs.
  • Play this interactive bin game to see if you know which item belongs in which cart.
  • Conduct a classroom waste audit using the instruction sheet listed under Program Resources to find out how much material your classroom or school is sending to the landfill.
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