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Recycling for Kids

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Schools are an ideal place to implement the four R’s (Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Classrooms and lunchrooms produce large amounts of preventable waste such as paper and unwanted food. Collectively, kids can make a big difference by taking part in a waste reduction program. In a best-case scenario, children will not only be green at school, but also bring their good habits home and practice them for a lifetime.

SLO County students learn to recycle every day at school with recycling bins placed throughout our campuses. Here are some resources to help them learn to recycle right:

  • Print out the colorful poster from the IWMA below and hang it near all of your garbage and recycling bins.
  • Design and print your own recycling signs.
  • Play this interactive bin game to see if you know which item belongs in which cart.
  • Conduct a classroom waste audit using the instructions below to find out how much material your classroom or school is sending to the landfill.
  • Waste less food using these best practices from the NRDC, accompanied by a Food Waste Action Plan designed for public schools.

Downloadable Resources

Flyer - Garbage 3 in 1 v1.pdfClassroom Waste Audit.pdf
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