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Recycling Resources

We offer free downloads of recycling information to help promote recycling in your home.

Printable Stickers

  • These print on an 8.5″ by 11″ piece of paper and is intended to help you see with a glance what types of materials belong in each container.
  • Want a hard copy sticker? Send a request to or call 805-782-8530

Garbage Sticker

May contain: file and qr code
Garbage (PDF Download)


Organics Sticker

May contain: text
Organics (PDF Download)


Recycling Sticker

May contain: cabinet, furniture, and qr code
Recycling (PDF Download)


Keep It Loose!

  • No Plastic Bags in Your Recycle or Yard Waste/Food Scrap Bin
Printable Flyer in English
May contain: advertisement, poster, tin, and can
Printable Flyer in Spanish
May contain: advertisement, tin, poster, and can


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