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Teacher and Student Testimonials

Here is some of the feedback we’ve had from those who have used our programs.



1st Grade

Dear Mr. David,

Thank you so much for coming to our classroom to teach us about worms and vermicomposting! We are so happy to have busy worms living and working in our classroom. Thank you for loaning them to us. We wanted to share with you what we learned from your great presentation:

Alberta: “Worms eat banana peels. They don’t like the sun because it dries up their slime.”

Ava B: “Worms need oxygen and they need water. Worms need care and they need food.”

Ava Mae: “Worms poop their food out and that is how they make dirt.”

Braden: “We learned the body parts of the worms and how they make dirt.”

Caroline: “The worms make dirt, and they need oxygen and a safe home.”

Corrine: “H2O is water. They need to make homes. It takes a long time for them to find a home.”

Ellery: “Worms eat from a compost. They don’t like sun because they don’t like the brightness.”

Eli: “Worms need to eat food like eggshells and banana peels. They make soil.”

Emmie Lu: “Worms make dirt. Worms don’t like the sun.”

Henry: “Worms can’t eat orange peels because they contain toxins that could kill worms.”

Johnathan: “H2O means water. Worms get air from their skin.”

Kaiden: “Worms eat eggshells. Dirt is their poop.”

Michael: “When you put worms in the sun, they do the worm dance.”

Ryan C: “I learned H2O is water. O2 means oxygen and oxygen means air.”

Ryan M: “Worms don’t like the sun because they would dry up in the sun.”

Tanner: “H2O is water. Worms don’t like the sun because it could make them dry up and die.”

Ty: “Worms breathe through their mouth and their skin.”

Tyler: “Worms eat banana peels. They poop it out and make soil.”

Zachary: “There are different kinds of worms. When they go in the sun they do a worm dance.”

3rd Grade
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