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The IWMA is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) formed in 1994 by San Luis Obispo County and the Cities and Community Service Districts (CSDs) within it to more effectively manage solid waste programs. We're a public agency that was created in response to AB 939 and is governed by a Board of Directors elected to represent each of our member jurisdictions. The IWMA represents 20 jurisdictions and serves a population of over 282,000 through management of our 44 solid waste and recycling programs. 

Learn more about what a JPA is here

We are a small but mighty team who:

  • Serves as a bridge between local government and solid waste industry professionals. 
  • Equips our community to manage their resources responsibly through public education and outreach.
  • Designs and implements programs for our community to stay compliant with mandated state laws regarding resource management.
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