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Composting for Kids

May contain: animal, dynamite, and weapon

Many schools around the county use worm bins to compost some or all of their lunch waste. Our staff can help you set up your own composting program, or assist you in troubleshooting an existing program.

Each composting school has a unique system designed to best meet their needs. In the past, we have converted raised beds into worm bins, we’ve had parent volunteers construct worm bins, and we’ve received donations of Macro Agricultural bins. We can offer technical help and materials. Contact us to learn more.

Composting Resources

  • Start a worm bin by buying red wigglers online from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm.
  • Learn about worms with The Adventures of Herman, an educational website.
  • Sign up for our Vermicomposting program to have one of our staff members teach your class about vermicomposting.
  • Check out our educational videos on composting to teach students more about the process.
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